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Assessing the complaint to determine who handles it

The first stage of the process is to assess the type of complaint to determine who handles the matter: us or the service provider.

When complaints are referred to the service provider for handling

Generally, any complaints received from the public about a service provider organisation or its staff are to be dealt with by the service provider. This includes complaints:

  • about casework practices
  • about service delivery
  • that relate to a service provider’s internal management practices.

We refer these types of complaints to the service provider using the Contracting Complaint Referral form. (If the complaint involves a child-protection matter, the Enquiry Feedback Complaint Unit will be the first point of contact, using their own referral form.)

The form includes details of the complaint, the complainant’s contact details, our contact person and their contact details, suggested focus areas for handling the complaint, and timeframes for completing the form and returning it.

For more information, refer to resolving contracting complaints — responsibilities of funded service providers.

When complaints are handled by us

We handle complaints about:

  • behaviour of our staff
  • the handling of a complaint by a service provider
  • a service provider denying access or providing insufficient service to clients
  • a service provider complaining about another service provider.

Note that allegations of misconduct are handled separately from complaints, although an allegation may be reported to us in the form of a complaint.

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Last updated: 02 Oct 2020