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Examining the issues raised

We will examine available information to assess the severity of the issues raised in the complaint — their urgency, complexity, health and safety implications, and potential to escalate — and which business areas are required to be involved in resolution of the complaint.

We will contact:

  • the complainant if further information is required about the allegations raised in the complaint
  • the service provider or internal stakeholders when a response to the allegations is required.

If the matters raised have not been resolved by this stage, we will instigate an investigation.

We will attempt to resolve complaints about a service provider by working in consultation with them to determine the relevant facts and establish common ground. We will be open and impartial throughout the consultation process, and will consider the service provider’s response on its merits.

Depending on the nature of the complaint, and at the request of the complainant, we may not always share details of the complainant, in the interests of confidentiality and anonymity.

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Last updated: 02 Oct 2020