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DCJ Housing provides help with the cost of setting up a new private rental with a Rentstart Bond Loan. You may be eligible for the bond loan if you are an Australian citizen, and a resident of NSW. The loan is interest-free and paid back to DCJ Housing.

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Who can apply

  • Australian citizens or permanent residents
  • residents of New South Wales
  • you have less than $3000 cash
  • those who have been approved for a rental property.

Pre-approved Bond Loans must apply using the Application for Rentstart paper form.

What you may need

  • proof of current assets
  • proof of citizenship
  • your Centrelink number, Medicare Card or Drivers Licence
  • proof of income.

Check that your Real Estate Agent / Landlord is able to complete their part of the form online.

What to expect

  • communication from us via email and SMS
  • income and identification details checked instantly and securely online
  • upload supporting documents online
  • ability to update your form over 14 days.

Get step-by-step help with the online form.

If you have an enquiry call the Housing Contact Centre.

Housing Contact Centre: 1800 422 322

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Last updated: 27 Jul 2021