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Acknowledging receipt

For complaints we are handling

We aim to acknowledge receipt of complaints within 5 business days. This will usually be in writing to the complainant, but may be by telephone depending on the nature of the matter.

The acknowledgement enables us to confirm our understanding of the matters raised, as well as providing the complainant with contact details of the person who will be handling the matter and the expected timeframes.

We also notify the service provider, when they are not the complainant, that a complaint has been received.

In this circumstance, we may also request further information from the service provider:

  • asking for a response to the complaint and the issues it raises
  • providing examples of what is required to be included in the response
  • specifying a clear timeframe for the response.

This affords the service provider an opportunity to assure us that proper process was followed.

Responding to our requests for information in relation to complaints about a service provider

When we request information in relation to a complaint, service providers are given 5 business days to respond.

This timeframe is short because:

  • under the contract, it is expected or required that they have this information readily available to provide to us on request
  • we aim to resolve the complaint within the 25-business-day timeframe.

To ensure service providers are able to respond in time, we will, when possible, call in advance to ensure the right person is sent the request.

Extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

If no response is received, we will contact the service provider for an explanation. Depending on the reason for the delay, and the nature of the complaint, failure to provide the information requested may potentially constitute a breach of contract.

For complaints the service provider is handling

When we refer a matter to a service provider using the Contracting Complaint Referral form, the service provider is required to send an acknowledgement letter to the complainant.

We will notify the complainant that their complaint has been referred to the service provider involved.

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Last updated: 02 Oct 2020