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Taking action to address the issues and resolve the complaint

At this stage, we may review the available information, request further information and determine that certain actions be undertaken to immediately resolve the complaint.

Apology, explanation or discussion

If the complaint primarily involves a communication problem or misunderstanding, we aim to resolve it with an apology, explanation or discussion.

Issue resolution

For contracting complaints about us, we will act in good faith to resolve the issues raised, identify areas for improvement, and initiate change as required.

For contracting complaints about a service provider, if the issues raised require a plan for resolution, we will work with the service provider to develop a formal or informal plan for issue resolution. This may require working with the service provider to develop a Service Development Plan or a Performance Improvement Plan.

Following development of an action plan, our contract manager handling the complaint will follow up and review progress, and will assist with issue resolution, when required.

External referral

If there is an alternative and satisfactory means of resolving the complaint or there is a more appropriate mechanism available for dealing with the issues raised, we will notify the complainant that we are unable to review or investigate the complaint and refer them to the more appropriate mechanism.

For example, the complaint may be about broader government policy for which we are not responsible.

Internal referral

If the complaint is not about a contracting matter, and it either can or must be notified to another business area, we will notify the complainant that their complaint has been referred to another area.

For example:

  • allegations of misconduct of our staff are referred to our Professional Conduct, Ethics and Performance Unit
  • complaints related to how personal information was handled are referred to our Legal unit.
  • allegations that indicate imminent risk of harm to a child or young person are referred to the Child Protection Helpline.

No action

We will take no action to review or investigate the complaint if:

  • the complaint is about alleged events that happened more than one year ago, and which have no bearing on current circumstances
  • the matter has been investigated previously and no new information has been provided
  • we have determined that a regulator or enforcement agency is currently investigating the matter
  • the complaint is about matters that do not relate to the services provided under a funded contract.
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Last updated: 02 Oct 2020